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2022 AAUT Career Achievement Award

28 October, 2022

This year the AAUT will continue to recognise individuals who have devoted their life making outstanding contributions to learning and teaching, with their achievements having a major influence and leaving an enduring legacy on the higher education sector.  This will be recognised and celebrated through the Career Achievement Award.  Nomination period: 31 Oct 18 Nov via your institution Vice-Chancellor.

1997-2021 Australian University Teachers of the Year booklet

5 October, 2022

We're delighted to share the fourth edition of the 1997-2021 Australian University Teachers of the Year booklet. Thank you to all recipients for their profile contributions to this valuable resource for leaders and principal drivers in the Higher Education sector.   

Phase 2 Nominations extended to Friday 23 September

9 September, 2022

The Awards Portal is now open for Institutional Contact Officers (ICO) to upload their nominees' submissions and photos. The closing date for Phase 2 Nominations has been extended to Friday 23 September. We encourage you to upload the submissions and photos as early as possible.