Advice for recipients

By strategically leveraging your nationally recognised award, you can significantly advance your career and also contribute meaningfully to the broader landscape of higher education.

Strategic networking

Professional Development and leadership roles

  • Participate in and lead workshops or training sessions focused on effective teaching strategies.
  • Collaborate with your institution’s events/professional development team to contribute to ongoing learning and teaching initiatives.
  • Share your expertise by reviewing nominations and supporting colleagues in their pursuits – you can even express your interest in becoming an AAUT Assessor!
  • Volunteer for leadership positions within your institution or professional organisations.
  • Join committees related to educational development, curriculum design, or accreditation processes to contribute your expertise.

Publication opportunities

  • Use your teaching award as a platform to contribute articles, blog posts, or opinion pieces related to educational excellence.
  • Collaborate with journals or educational publications to share your innovative teaching methods and outcomes.

Boost your promotion strategy

  • Position your national award as a valuable asset in your next promotion application.
  • Emphasise the alignment with your institution’s commitment to teaching excellence.

Mentorship opportunities

  • Offer your experience to mentor fellow educators and colleagues seeking guidance in enhancing their teaching methods.
  • Participate in mentorship programs, both externally, such as the AAUT Mentor Scheme, and within your institution, to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Amplify your visibility on social media

  • Share your achievements and insights on professional platforms like LinkedIn or academic networks.
  • Participate in relevant discussions, contributing your expertise to showcase your thought leadership in the field of education.
  • Connect with other award recipients and members from Learning and Teaching networks and affiliations on social media.
  • Connect with us at AAUT! Stay updated with the latest news and opportunities

To hear more invaluable advice from previous Teaching Award recipients about the AAUT journey, watch the AAUT video series.