Welcome 2021 AAUT Assessors

19 October, 2021

A big welcome and thank-you to the 159 assessors from across 38 Australian universities who have graciously volunteered their time to review this year’s National Teaching Award submissions. The sector greatly appreciates your commitment and input!!

Acknowledgement 2018 to 2021 Institutional Contact Officials

12 October, 2021

It has been so impressive to have a wonderful team of ICOs, over the past three years, that have contributed to the success of the national teaching awards. We thank all the past and current Institutional Contact Officers (ICOs).

The Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year: 1997 to 1999

30 September, 2021

Take a trip down the memory lanethe first recipient of the Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year (previously Prime Minister Award) Prof. Charles Thomas Stannage (1997), the first womarecipient Prof. Angela Carbone (1998), and Dr Geoffrey Waugh (1999).  

The Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year: 2000 to 2009

29 September, 2021

Check out the 2000 to 2009 recipients of the Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year. Click here to read how the award has impacted on their career.

The Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year: 2010 to 2020

28 September, 2021

We are profiling the last 10 years (2010 to 2020) recipients of the Australian Award for University Teacher of the Year. Click here to read more.

2021 AAUT Nomination Submission Upload Extension

14 September, 2021

AAUT Awards team have extended the submission closing date to 24 Sept, due to COVID lockdown. We encourage the nominees to take advantage of this extra time to refine their submission.

Submission key dates: Monday 6 to Friday 24 September 2021 (Extended)

2021 AAUT Career Achievement Award

9 September, 2021

Since 2020, Universities Australia has reinstated the Career Achievement Award. This award is occasionally awarded to one or more individuals who have:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to learning and teaching
  • Had a major influence and left an enduring legacy
  • Been recognised throughout the higher education sector.

We encourage Vice Chancellors to start thinking of a potential candidate from their institution. More details to come.

2021 AAUT Career Achievement Award Committee

9 September, 2021

We would like to welcome the recipient of the 2017 Career Achievement Award Professor Sally Kift as the Chair of this committee.  Professor Kift has been involved in the Program Awards Committee from 2018 to 2020, and is the President, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF).

2021 VIC/TAS Awards Ceremony

17 August, 2021

Proudly hosted by Swinburne University of Technology, Click here to register for the virtual Event, celebrating VIC/TAS recipients of the 2019 and 2020 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

2021 AAUT Awards Committee Chairs

4 August, 2021

We are indebted to the commitment and dedication of our Award Committee Chairs. These senior academic leaders in teaching and learning provide their time and expertise to support the recognition of teaching excellence in our universities. This year our committee chairs are Professor Elizabeth Johnson (Citations), Professor David Sadler (Program Awards) and Professor Pip Pattison (Teaching Awards). They will be leading their committee in providing recommendations and endorsement of award recipients to the Universities Australia Board.

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