2020 AAUT ICO Evaluation survey

19 October, 2020

2020 AAUT ICO Evaluation survey is closing his Friday 23th Oct 2020. Your feedback helps us improve our systems and processes for future rounds.

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2020 AAUT Awards Recipients Announcement

15 October, 2020

Following the 2021 AAUT Ceremony awards ceremony date change to June, Universities Australia will be announcing the recipients at the end of Feb 2021.


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2021 AAUT Ceremony

12 October, 2020

2021 AAUT Ceremony is now scheduled on the evening of Wednesday 2nd June 2021, immediately prior to the Universities Australia Conference (2 to 4 June 2021).

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2020 AAUT Awards Portal briefing session

8 October, 2020

This week, we are having the AAUT awards portal briefing session for assessors. This year we will be using SparkPLUS to record the assessors evaluations.

2020 AAUT Assessors Welcome

5 October, 2020

We have also been fortunate to welcome 165 assessors who are volunteering their time to review this year submissions.

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2020 AAUT Assessor Briefing Session

5 October, 2020

In this week AAUT Assessor Briefing Session, Awards Director has explained the roles and responsibilities of the assessors and tips to assessing.

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2020 AAUT Submission closed

28 September, 2020

Awards Team would like to thank all the ICOs and nominees for all their work in submitting their nominations.

2020 AAUT Submission Closing Date

21 September, 2020

2020 AAUT submission upload is closing this Friday 25 Sep.

2020 AAUT Submission Open

14 September, 2020

The AAUT Awards Portal is now open for uploading submissions.

Submission upload: 14 to 25 Sept

2021 Recipients Announcement

10 September, 2020

With the date change of the 2021 AAUT Ceremony to Wednesday 2nd June 2021, Universities Australia will formally announce the recipients at the end of February 2021. More details to come.


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