2021 Assessor Recruitment

21 July, 2021

Inviting members of the Council of Australasian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching (CAULLT), the Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF) and the Australian Promoting Excellence Networks (PEN) – West Australian Network for Dissemination (WAND) and the Victorian/Tasmanian (VTAS)   Promoting Excellence (PE) Network to be part of this year AAUT assessment panel. Contact the Awards team for EOI link. Closing date: Friday 30 July 2021.

2021 AAUT Briefing Sessions Completion

20 July, 2021

We have completed all the AAUT Briefing Sessions: ICOs, Early Career, Creating winning applications, Awards for Australia University Teacher of the Year and Neville Bonner Award. In case you missed any of the briefing sessions, you can watch them here.

Awards Ceremonies

18 June, 2021

We are delighted that the following institutions have hosted a joint state-based ceremony to celebrate the successful citation recipients in 2019-2020.

  Date   State/s Host by  Venue /Virtual Event  
16 March 2021 WA Murdoch University  (For 2020 recipients)

WA Ceremony photo link
Fraser Restaurant, Kings park
3 June 2021 SA/NT SANTPEN (Joint ceremony for 2019 and 2020 recipients) 

SA Ceremony photo link
University of South Australia
7 June 2021 QLD The University of Queensland  (Joint ceremony for 2019 and 2020 recipients) 

QLD Ceremony photo link
Brisbane Customs House
17 June 2021 NSW/ACT Australian Catholic University  (Joint ceremony for 2019 and 2020 recipients) 

NSW/ACT Ceremony video link
Virtual Event

Associate Professor Jack Wang’s Award Acceptance Video Speech

15 June, 2021

Watch Associate Professor Jack Wang’s speech for accepting 2020 Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year at Universities Australian Conference 2021

2021 AAUT Briefing Session: Creating Winning Applications

7 June, 2021

We are delighted to have Prof Shelley Kinash, Director Advancement of L&T from USQ as our guest speaker for this week AAUT Briefing session on ‘Creating winning applications.’ Presenting on Thu 10 June.

2021 AAUT Video Series

2 June, 2021

One of the recommendations from assessors each year is for nominees to seek information from past recipients to improve their own application. We have interviewed past recipients and captured their advice. You can hear from the past Early Career and Neville Bonner award recipients at these links.

Watch AAUT Video Series

2021 AAUT Briefing Sessions

27 May, 2021

From May to July, we are delivering a series of online briefing sessions to create awareness of the awards as well as to support potential applicants. These sessions provide valuable information and sharing of insights from previous award recipients as well as from those who assess the awards.

We encourage all nominees applying for a Citation, Teaching Award or Program Award to attend the session briefings that are a best fit for their own application, regardless of discipline. They are a unique source of information and will help applicants craft a concise and focused submission. For more information click here.

Watch Briefing Session Recordings at AAUT Channel.

The Australian Article on the 19th May

19 May, 2021

As reported in The Australian on the 19th May, Universities Australia (UA) deputy vice-chancellors (academic) committee chairman David Sadler, who is also DVC (education) at the University of Western Australia, is committed to finding a way of continuing these awards.  Professor Angela Carbone, AAUT Awards Director, views that this is not a good decision and gives the perception that the Australian government doesn’t really value excellent teaching or the quality of education we give our students, or doesn’t value innovations in the higher education landscape.

2021 AAUT is going ahead

13 May, 2021

In response to the short article in the Campus Morning Mail (13 May 2021). we assure you that the 2021 round of Australian Awards for University Teaching is definitely going ahead as planned.

Please continue to encourage your brightest and best teaching academics and teaching teams to apply. We are anticipating an increase in applications across all award categories after the many novel, innovative and creative pedagogical practices during the 2020 COVID year.

We will continue to keep you updated and support you through this process this year.

Professor Angela Carbone

AAUT Awards Team Director

Associate Professor Angela Carbone

2020 AAUT Awards Announcement

24 February, 2021

On Wednesday 24 February 2021, 4pm AEDT, Universities Australia (UA) has made a formal announcement regarding the 2020 Australian Awards for University Teaching on the AAUT-UA webpage.  The announcement was presented by UA Chair, Professor Deborah Terry and Awards Director Professor Angela Carbone.


  • Welcome
  • 1:58 Overview of AAUT Assessment Process
  • 4:34 Announcement of Citations recipients
  • 5:42 Announcement of Program Awards recipients
  • 7:30 Announcement of Teaching Awards recipients
  • 9:35 Announcement of Teacher of the Year recipient
  • 9:57 Teacher of the Year video
  • 12:13 Announcement of Career Achievement Award recipient
  • 13:21 Thank you

Thank you for your attendance at the virtual event where the formal announcement of award recipients was made.

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