Mentor Scheme

Mentor Scheme

13 May, 2020

About the scheme

The AAUTN Award Mentor Scheme draws on the skills and experience of Australian Teaching Award winners who have volunteered to be part of the scheme.
The scheme has two distinct themes:

  1. Advice and support for aspiring award applicants on the development of their award applications. This may take the form of:
  • providing advice on the most suitable award type based on career stage and experience (Citation, Award for Teaching Excellence etc.).
  • providing guidance on structuring a narrative around the mentee’s teaching experience
  • providing Advice on what teaching and education activities are worth focusing on
  • providing Feedback on mentee’s written application

2. Mentoring for recent recipients of national Teaching Excellence awards. This may take the form of:

  • providing a sounding board as to what opportunities to take up, and helping mentees to clarify their personal goals;
  • listening and sharing how to leverage some power to effect change from the profile given by the award;
  • helping to debrief after the high of the ceremony and raised profile, and/or the negative reactions from colleagues that are sometimes occasioned by the receipt of the award;
  • sharing their experience of negotiating changing identities;
  • how to get colleagues on board or networks started within some context;
  • providing encouragement

Find a Mentor

The scheme is a “self-serve” system. Mentees choose a mentor from the list and approach them by email. Be aware that mentors’ workloads and responsibilities will fluctuate. They be already ‘taken’, or personal circumstances may complicate their availability.

Become a Mentor

There are many benefits of becoming a mentor. This scheme aims to provide mentors with the chance to participate in a professional activity related to teaching and learning which demonstrates your leadership and broadens the influence of your experience and expertise.

If you are a past recipient of an Australian Award for University Teaching and are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact at

The Mentoring Process

Although it may seem overly formal, we recommend that mentor pairs discuss and complete the Mentoring Agreement at the start to define a clear and shared understanding of the mentoring goals and expectations. Each person can retain a copy of the completed agreement. To ensure a smooth ongoing process, and to ensure clarity and structure, please consider the following guidelines for the management of your first meeting:

• Identify the expectations and goals of the mentoring relationship and timeframe in which the goal/s or specific task/s can be achieved
• Establish the mentor’s/mentee’s roles and responsibilities
• Agree on frequency of meetings
• Discuss and decide on the action items for the following meeting
• Establish a goal for each meeting


As the mentor scheme is an evolving process, we invite ongoing feedback on how it is working. If you have been involved either as a mentor or a mentee, please use either the feedback form here or email